matt & kim || “block after block (teen daze remix)”

if matt & kim weren’t enough of a feel-good summer party band, blog favorite teen daze has reworked their latest single “block after block” (from 2010’s sidewalks) into a glittering synth pop jam that yet again proves that vancouver’s jamison is the best chillwaver around. lap-pop doesn’t get any better than this, and there’s no way this track – among others – shouldn’t work their way onto your grilling-burgers-on-the-roof-at-sunset mix. peek a listen and a download after the jump (via CoS).
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keep shelly in athens || “running out of you (brothertiger remix)”

the enigmatic downtempo electronics of keep shelly in athens has captivated me for a while, and their masterful chilled-out “running out of you” is no different. it’s slow-moving, alien and ghostly, for nearly three minutes until the italo-esque breakdown that blasts it through the galaxy like a supernova. but while the original is poptastic, fellow chillwaver brothertiger’s take features dreamy arpeggios, synth stabs, and a grooving backbeat that float along beside athens’ watery vocals. the end result is something wholly different, but no less breathtaking than the original.

Running Out of You (Brothertiger Remix) – Keep Shelly In Athens


Running Out Of You by Keep Shelly in Athens

keep shelly in athens – in love with dusk 12″ is sold out on forest family records.

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