yohuna :: revery

yohuna is the reverb-soaked solo project of wisconsinite johanne swanson. over the course of four songs, swanson conducts an orchestra of beats and sweeping synth washes that sound like they’ve been recorded in a church at the bottom of the ocean. over all of this are the haunting echoes of swanson’s voice, that duck and curtail betwixt the compositions like a dove fleeing sunlight. that may be a lot of alliteration to swallow in one paragraph, but there’s really no other way to describe revery, her debut ep. it’s a work of astonishing beauty. stream below, with a free download of standout “mateo.”

revery is out now on bandcamp.


dum dum girls || “he gets me high”

dum dum girls.

the infectious lo-fi charm of dum dum girls’ i will be cemented its place as one of the better albums of 2010. given their follow-up he gets me high, an ep composed of three originals and a cover of the swooning smiths’ classic “there is a light that never goes out,” dee dee’s janglepop group proves that they stand out from the rest of the garage pop revivalists. and for those who critiqued the band’s seeming nonuse of vocal microphones, your fears can be quelled – the group’s signature vocal style, while still intact, is much better produced this time ’round. in fact, the entirety of the band’s sound has been given greater depth without sacrificing their lo-fi aesthetic. the bass hits lower, the fuzzy guitars breathe deep and the vocal harmonies are much easier to discern. just as much of the country succumbs to winter, the dum dums arrive, giving us a feverish glimpse of summer sun.

Dum Dum Girls – “He Gets Me High”

dum dum girls – he gets me high 12″ is out march 1st on sub pop.

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