simon bird :: bLEAK

simon bird first caught our attention with his outstanding track “and the sky just seems” off of his debut ep. bird recently released his follow-up, bLEAK, a dystopian release that, at little over ten minutes, feels less like a collection and more like a single song, carefully divided into parts to ease listening. while nothing about bird’s approach is easy, the payoff of wading through the noise is finale and standout “but most of us won’t,” which swirls synths and beats together before bursting forth a cacophony of distortion. listen below:

bLEAK is available for free download here.


parenthetical girls :: untanglements

parenthetical girls have been a quiet favorite of mine since i stumbled into one of their live performances. peculiar, awkward, and energetic, the experimental rock foursome has gone through as many different incarnations as albums. they’ve been relatively nonexistent since 2008’s entanglements, but as 2011 rolled around, untanglements, an album of rarities and alternate takes appeared on bandcamp. the album prominently feature pennington’s vocals over piano-driven tunes (though electronics and orchestral flourishes occasionally burst forth). it’s a startlingly good collection, one that proves that the girls are still indie pop’s best kept secret.

simon bird || “and the sky just seems”

simon bird - ep.

for the inaugural post of the rehashed this is the universe, i present you simon bird. this ethereal and rhythmic 20-year-old hails from dublin, so it’s little surprise he’s been compared to recent irish electronic heavyweights solar bears. but whereas solar bears embrace contemplation, tranquility, and muted beauty, simon bird seems far more interested in rough, callous soundscapes. imagine fuck buttons, but with even more weed. it’s slow, it’s grooving and melancholy, but it’s loud and perverse just the same. the standout track from bird’s ep, “and the sky just seems,” is an adventure into sonic destruction. it’s a melodic, chaotic gem.

And The Sky Just Seems by SimonBird

simon bird – ep is available for free download on his soundcloud.