portuguese beat-maker joão pedro costa works under the moniker of LASERS, a project that’s rooted deep in ambience and instrumental hip-hop. the conglomeration of frenetic beats and spaced-out synths calls to mind a collaboration between baths and boards of canada, but LASERS is more than the sum of his influences. his debut ep is a deceptive 11 tracks (seven remixes pad out the back end, including one from blog favorite sun glitters), but the four originals fuse wintry, wistful synths with biting percussion, evoking equally frigid mountaintops and the sun setting over a distant, watery horizon. if shoegaze and electropop had a baby, LASERS should stand as a proud parent. check out “paris” and “porto” below:

LASERS ep is out now on bad panda records. download the whole thing here, and hook up with LASERS on his facebook.


evenings || “friend [lover]”

try as we might, sometimes great music slips past us. such is the case with evenings, real name nathan broaddus, a virginia resident whose 2010 self-released ep north dorm escaped our attention until now. perhaps it’s because the idea of instrumental chillwave beyond teen daze seems like a waste of time. thankfully, with evenings, this is far from the case. “friend [lover]” is a relaxed, downtempo groover that frolics between distant, lustful memories and quiet, mournful introspection. it’s as much a self-examination as it is a slowdance masterpiece, and its lush synths and vocal samples form a sonic palette that’s as rich and textured as a midsummer night. after the jump, stream the ep, watch the video, and enjoy a free download of “friend [lover].”
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sun glitters || “too much to lose”

luxembourg-based victor ferreira works under the moniker sun glitters, and his tunes shimmer and sway almost as much as his pseudonym. one of his recent releases has been the everything could be fine 8-track mini-album, and as standout track “too much to lose” showcases, ferreira’s strengths are downtempo beats and pulsing synths with a layer of washed out vocals. on paper, that might not sound very original or creative, but sun glitters has what a lot of his fellow chillwavers lack, and that’s spirit. each song crafts a perfectly formed soundscape that enraptures all the senses, transporting the listener to a world where polaroid-nostalgia, nighttime bonfires, and sunlit beachgazing are commonplace.

everything could be fine is out now on bandcamp.

tv on the radio || “will do”

tv on the radio has never really appealed to me, although i can see how their aesthetic is objectively really good. despite constant listening to 2008’s dear science, the record never really gelled with me. that all changed with their new single, “will do,” a neo-futuristic blues rock slow-jam that grooves in all the right places. i have no idea how old fans will react to this track, seeing as how it’s pretty different from their previous output, but i absolutely love it. video below.

nine types of light is out 4/12 on interscope.

forest cry || “please stay”

a simple, looped piano is all that holds forest cry’s “please stay” together, but with simple and delicate manipulations it becomes hypnotizing. minimal backing drums and chopped vocals join the groove, but the piano remains the star, calling to mind a rainy dreamscape wherein hope is a distant memory. or perhaps the track itself is hopeful, yearning for a future of calm fields and a cool spring breeze. a perfect soundtrack with which to warm yourself by the fire.

forest cry – drifter is available for stream here.

keep shelly in athens || “running out of you (brothertiger remix)”

the enigmatic downtempo electronics of keep shelly in athens has captivated me for a while, and their masterful chilled-out “running out of you” is no different. it’s slow-moving, alien and ghostly, for nearly three minutes until the italo-esque breakdown that blasts it through the galaxy like a supernova. but while the original is poptastic, fellow chillwaver brothertiger’s take features dreamy arpeggios, synth stabs, and a grooving backbeat that float along beside athens’ watery vocals. the end result is something wholly different, but no less breathtaking than the original.

Running Out of You (Brothertiger Remix) – Keep Shelly In Athens


Running Out Of You by Keep Shelly in Athens

keep shelly in athens – in love with dusk 12″ is sold out on forest family records.

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