seefeel || “faults”

london-based noisetronic outfit seefeel has been relatively silent since their hiatus in 1996. positioned somewhere between shoegaze and ambient electronics, the quartet has returned in 2011 with their first new material in nearly 14 years. a sung lullaby serves as the intro to “faults,” the standout track from their new self-titled lp. soon, steady percussion and a droning bass take hold, forcing the listener to sway as if entranced in a drug-induced haze. the lead almost lends itself to a dubstep formula of distorted wub-wubs, but never devolves to the lowly form of fratpop the genre has become. this is a track to blast through massive speakers – the primal pull of seefeel’s wilderness cannot be measured over headphones.

seefeel is out now on warp.


matthew cooper :: some days are better than others

matthew cooper, better known by his stage name eluvium, was behind 2010’s magnificent similes, but that’s not all he got up to last year. the indie flick some days are better than others got the soundtrack treatment from the ambient mastermind, and this year it’s going to get an official release. the title track has been released, and it’s a melancholy blend of a simple, echoing piano line and atmospheric synth effects. enchanting and ethereal, this has quickly become one of our most anticipated releases of 2011.

matthew cooper – “some days are better than others”

some days are better than others is out april 26 on temporary residence.

simon bird || “and the sky just seems”

simon bird - ep.

for the inaugural post of the rehashed this is the universe, i present you simon bird. this ethereal and rhythmic 20-year-old hails from dublin, so it’s little surprise he’s been compared to recent irish electronic heavyweights solar bears. but whereas solar bears embrace contemplation, tranquility, and muted beauty, simon bird seems far more interested in rough, callous soundscapes. imagine fuck buttons, but with even more weed. it’s slow, it’s grooving and melancholy, but it’s loud and perverse just the same. the standout track from bird’s ep, “and the sky just seems,” is an adventure into sonic destruction. it’s a melodic, chaotic gem.

And The Sky Just Seems by SimonBird

simon bird – ep is available for free download on his soundcloud.