faded paper figures ~ behind the scenes

perennial favorites faded paper figures are back in the studio, as evidenced by this behind the scenes video posted via the band’s facebook page earlier today. for those of you unfamiliar, the fantastic L.A./New Haven trio specialize in a blissful blend of melancholy, glitchy indie-electropop that’s more addicting than cancer sticks. their debut dynamo was our favorite album of 2008, and follow-up new medium landed #7 on our favorites of 2010 (the title track was released prematurely, and wrangled a #10 position on our best tracks of 2009). if i’m not fueling the hype wagon enough for you, then i must be doing something wrong. either way you can see for yourself: after the jump, check out their behind the scenes featurette and video for singles “metropolis” and “new medium.”

behind the scenes:

metropolis (off of dynamo):

new medium (off of new medium):

the band’s as-yet-untitled third album is due out sometime in 2012. dynamo and new medium are available at these retailers.


One Comment on “faded paper figures ~ behind the scenes”

  1. […] made our fandom for the la electropop trio faded paper figures abundantly clear, so when new, unreleased track “avida dollars” dropped with little-to-no-press, you can […]

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